The Don't Back Down Show

About The Don’t Back Down Show​

The Don’t Back Down show, a top-notch radio show, is a political program that is highly regarded for its insightful discussions on current events and the latest news stories from a right-wing perspective. The program has garnered a reputation for providing a terrific platform for serious debates on political issues, coupled with a healthy dose of humor that makes it stand out from the rest. The show features great music, a talented team of presenters, including esteemed hosts such as Wayne Allen Root, a renowned political commentator, and Michael Production, an experienced media personality, all of whom work together to ensure that the project is executed flawlessly. At Michael Production, client satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do, and we put in our best efforts to ensure that the Don’t Back Down show meets and exceeds our client’s expectations – every single time.

Phases Of The Projects

Phase 1 The Live Stream Setup

During the first phase, the team encountered a difficulty with the live stream due to insufficient space in the location. As a result, they were unable to strategically position their pro cameras on tripods. Fortunately, they were able to come up with a brilliant solution to this predicament. They decided to employ the use of basic webcams from Logitech, of which they used three units. These webcams proved essential in helping the team accommodate up to three guests or share a camera among two guests when the number of participants exceeded four. To make things even more convenient for everyone involved, the webcams were mounted on mini tripods to facilitate easy movement. This was a highly innovative solution that allowed the team to overcome the challenges they were facing and ensured that the live stream was successful.

Phase 2 Building a Audience

“I enjoyed phase two of the project the most because it allowed me to creatively build something new. We were getting listeners, but we weren’t reaching our intended audience because we were targeting radio listeners. However, my generation prefers visual learning and doing things ourselves rather than using the radio. Therefore, I thought of building a custom WordPress site that would allow viewers to watch past live streams, see upcoming guests, and listen to podcasts. The site has a server that runs the audio, so people can listen to the show 24/7. We also decided to distribute our podcasts to platforms like Pandora, Amazon, and Apple Music through a third-party site. We’re still finding ways to expand our audience, and one idea in the works is Twitter or X.”

Phase 3 Promoting Our Guest

We’re currently promoting our guests, because they make our show happen. When we had Wayne Allen Root on the show, a lot of people watched, and we have a presidential candidate coming on tomorrow. Many of our guests have books they’re promoting, and they’re not asking for money. To help them out, we set up a small online store that promotes their books and articles. The link takes people right to where they can read the books and support our guests. The hardest part was making the books look good on the site, but we used templates and canvas to make sure they all look the same.

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